The Open Procurement API is the only interface to Open Procurement database that is core unit of Open Procurement infrastructure.

This documentation covers three procedures:

  • reporting - reporting with no stand-still period
  • negotiation - negotiation procedure with 10 day stand-still before contract registration
  • negotiation.quick - quick negotiation procedure with 5 day stand-still before contract registration

Negotiation procedure

Negotiation procurement procedure is a procedure according to which Procuring entity concludes a purchase agreement with a participant after negotiations with one or more participants.

Negotiation procedure stages:

  1. Publication of the decision of intent to conduct negotiation procedure.

The procuring entity places the announcement of intention to conduct negotiation procedure, describing the following procurement details: procurement subject, expected value, expected delivery time.

Interested suppliers can contact the Procuring entity if they want to participate in the negotiation procedure. The decision about negotiation participants is made by the Procuring entity.

  1. Awarding

According to the results of conducted negotiations with participant(s) Procuring entity publishes the announcement of intention to conclude an agreement with the winner of the procedure chosen in the course of negotiations.

  1. Conclusion of the Agreement

The Procuring entity publishes purchase agreement and accompanying documents.